>SXSW 2011 Mix [19 Tracks from the Largest Artists]


SXSW 2011 is upon us [Music: March 16-20. To celebrate this festival, I toast with part two of a mix. Part one was posted here.

This full-length mix is meant for those interested in who the premiere groups which SXSW is showcasing this upcoming weekend. I plan to be in attendance [about a 6-hour drive away]. I plan on folding down the seats and sleeping in back of my car. I have gone with zero dollars before, and its fun even if all you can do is eat and walk the streets amongst the crowd of tens-of-thousands. Last year I got lost among the hundreds of musical groups, so I decided to do the world a service and post 19 more tracks from the next 19 biggest artists that everyone knows or should know, just in time for SXSW 2011:

1. The Appleseed Cast – As The Little Things Go
2. The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow [mp3]
3. Colour Revolt – 8 Years [mp3]
4. Eisley – Ambulance (Live) [mp3]
5. Flogging Molly – Requiem For A Dying Song [mp3]
6. French Horn Rebellion – Up All Night [mp3]
7. Gorilla Zoe – Echo [mp3]
8. Graham Colton – Pacific Coast Eyes [mp3] (from Oklahoma City)
9. Hoodie Allen – You Are Not A Robot [mp3]
10. Klaxons – Echoes [mp3]
11. Li’l Cap’n Travis – Violeta, Diamond of the Everglades [mp3]
12. Low – Try To Sleep [mp3]
13. Micachu And The Shapes – Calculator [mp3]
14. The Octopus Project – Fuguefat [mp3] (from Norman, OK)
15. Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante – ZIM [mp3]
16. Peelander-Z – Go! Rio! [mp3]
17. A Place To Bury Strangers – Ego Death [mp3]
18. Spoek Mathambo – Mshini Wam [mp3]
19. The Vandelles – California Killer [mp3]

ENJOY and safe mix’d travelling!


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