>The Big Three Killed My Baby: The Story of Jack White; with Additions from his women…


Instead of posting text for each different project of his, I’ll let them each speak for themselves. Surely you’re already familiar with the big three: his first major group, The White Stripes; and the following super-groups The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. Additionally are his projects with Alicia Keys [James Bond Theme]; Loretta Lynn [Producing “Van Lear Rose”]; Wanda Jackson [Producing her New Release, “The Party Ain’t Over”]; and his family project with Karen Elson [of Taken by Trees].

a. The White Stripes

[with Meg White]

1. The Nurse [from “Get Behind Me Satan”]
2. My Doorbell [from “Get Behind Me Satan”]
3. One More Cup Of Coffee [from “The White Stripes”]
4. St. James Infirmary Blues [from “The White Stripes”]

b. The Raconteurs

[with Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, and Patrick Keeler]

1. Blue Veins [from “Broken Boy Soldiers”]
2. Call It A Day [from “Broken Boy Soldiers”]
3. You Don’t Understand Me [from “Consolers of the Lonely”]
4. Broken Boy Soldier [from “Broken Boy Soldiers”]

c. The Dead Weather

[with Alison Mosshart, Dean Fertita, Jack Lawrence]

1. 3 Birds [Instrumental] [from “Horehound”]
2. Old Mary [from “Sea of Cowards]
3. The Difference Between Us [from “Sea of Cowards]
4. Gasoline [from “Sea of Cowards]

Additions From Four Closely Associated Women:

Wanda Jackson – From the January 25, 2011 album “The Party Ain’t Over”, produced by White
1. Thunder On The Mountain [Bob Dylan Cover]
2. You Know I’m No Good [Amy Winehouse Cover]
3. Nervous Breakdown
4. Dust On The Bible

Jack White with Alicia Keys – Another Way To Die [James Bond Theme from “Quantum of Solace”]

Loretta Lynn– Portland, Oregon [featuring Jack White, off the album he produced, “Van Lear Rose”]

Taken By Trees – My Boys [his wife’s band]

One More Cup of Coffee and Cigarettes Before We Go:


Coffee and Cigarettes – Meg White And Jack White (With Cinque Lee) | Movies & TV | SPIKE.com

>The Strange Theories of King James [Blake]


I saw a James Blake vinyl record on sale today for $50.00. I feel this man belongs in a museum already. He won Rookie of the Year in all hearts during early February. I need to highlight some of his music/persona on this blog as is my commission from God.

5 Reasons to Not Hate James Blake just because he’s so popular…

1. The voice, oh god…
2. His impeccable physique
3. The artistry of it all
4. The seamless inclusion of dubstep
5. The fucking album cover.

James Blake: James Blake

James Blake Wiki
His Page
His Myspace
James Blake BBC Page
Songmeanings.net Lyrics

Now moreso onto the music: Just listen to it. I see no reason for me to describe the shit. Enjoy it, soak it up. Buy it on mp3, CD, and vinyl. Or get the whole damn discography on your favorite blog aggregator. Secretly, I’m desperate for that fifty-dollar record.

Here’s four songs with mp3’s and lyrics for each:


Track 03. I Never Learnt To Share
Track 04. Lindesfarne I
Track 06. Limit To Your Love
Track 10. I Mind

Music Video for The Wilhelm Scream:

I am honored to just mention the name…

>Recency Under Review

>1. Radiohead – The King of Limbs [Feb. 18]

R’head is under the influence of age skilled musician, marked by tired; gets jittery. If y’dunno by now, yer gone. Halt to the endless thiefs, let me join ye with these 3:


Track 5. Lotus Flower
Track 6. Codex
Track 8. Separator

2. Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes [Mar. 1]

Surprising wavy psyche rock where user flows arms above and below as shown in videos. Esp. check tracks 1 and 6 for this effect. Try again if fails; chiller popper goes more intense. Quick, hit this:


Track 1. Youth Knows No Pain
Track 4. Unrequited Love
Track 6. Rich Kid Blues

Toro y Moi – Underneath The Pine [Feb. 22]

Disconcerting second effort. Try these; some excitement found but not the promise fulfilled from first release. The grooves go deep but the concepts notasmuch or so much growth from ‘em. Go ahead though:


Track 7. How I Know
Track 10. Good Hold
Track 11. Elise

d. Deerhoof – Deerhoof vs. Evil [Jan. 25]

Proceed with heavy, near-metallic feet. Enjoy this off the top of the dropper for it hits in rhythms on the tongue. Let electricity pour through the veins. Hold on tightly. Grip the followings:


Track 2. Behold a Marvel in the Darkness
Track 7. Must Fight Current
Track 10. C’Moon

e. Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will [Feb. 15]

My first attempt at their playing. Not a bad jam. In case you’re interested…

Track 7. George Square Thatcher Death Party
Track 8. How To Be A Werewolf
Track 9. Too Raging To Cheers

Too raging to cheers now that this is over. Happy Tuesdays y’all.